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Pre-built Software Solutions by ProcessIT


LEADS- Sales Prospecting and Contact Relationship Manager


Track your Customers, Potential Customers and Contacts with this easy to use software.

LEADS - Lead Tracking Software is the solution to ensuring your Business's Sales growth and future.

Grow Your Business using a leading Sales Prospecting system;

Features include:

Identify and add "Suspects" -potential Customers to seek referrals to;

Track existing Customers, Contacts and Leads;

Find and View all historic Activity for each Customer easily and quickly;

Define and manage Activities for your Staff such as Promotions, Call backs, Emails and Visits;

Flag Your key contacts as Centers of Influence to target automated referral request's to;

Stay in contact with your Customers using Automated Newsletters with integration with Microsoft Word's mail-merge and Outlook;

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SlottaTime -Scheduling System for Service Staff and Equipment:


The SlottaTime Work Scheduling Application is the perfect software solution for Customer Service and Support businesses.

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Features include:

Schedule and plan workloads for multiple Teams or Crews,

Calendar View of all work (Single, 5, 7 or 10 Day views),

Manage Customers with Single or Multiple Sites (corporates),

Create 'Job-Sheets' with integrated Maps to speed your Staffs' locating Customers and reduce travel time,

Track all activities and contact with you customers. Never miss a promised call or appointment again with the integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager),

Inventory Management, Sales and automated Pricing,

Quotations, financials and much more...

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Designed for QuickBooks

SlottaTime -for QuickBooks Extension:


Now you can Share data between SlottaTime and QuickBooks®! Utilise the "Worlds best selling accounting software" and SlottaTime TOGETHER to further improve the efficiency of your business.

With SlottaTime for QuickBooks Extension you can:

Share Customer information with QuickBooks®

Match SlottaTimes Service Types with QuickBooks®' Item lists.

Create Customer Invoices in QuickBooks® AUTOMATICALLY.

Use QuickBooks® for all your Accounting and Receivables while utilising the focused power of SlottaTime to manage your Customer Appointments, follow-ups and promote new or repeat work!

Read more about SlottaTime for QuickBooks..

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RESULTS - The Competition Management System


RESULTS - The Competition Management System is the perfect solution for all Competitions whether Professional or Amateur, International, National, Regional, or local.

With RESULTS - Competition Management System you can:

Use RESULTS - The Competition Management System to track and manage your whole Show.

Record all Entries by Section and Class.

Add Entrants and their entries.

Produce Judging Sheets

Record Results and automatically calculate awards and prizes.

This Package will eliminate the mass of Spreadsheets and Documents that normally are associated with competitions. All your competition information Centrally located and available through your local network, simultaneously to multiple users.

You'll be amazed at the time and effort saved, how quickly results are produced and the simplicity of managing your Competition!

More information on the RESULTS - The Competition Management System page.


ProcessTools - Microsoft Access Developer Tools


For the Access Developer community we have a selection of our in house tools for your developing pleasure.

Features include:

Code Library

Ribbon Builder

Bulk Form Styler

Icon Picker

New Navigation Control

Search All

Search for text Not within procedures

Variable Rule Checker

Blank Line Cleaner

And so much more...

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Other Custom Software Options

Other requirements and options can be made into Custom Applications as needed or we can simply automate your existing Excel Spread-Sheets... Read more Custom Software options.

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