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Recently I attended a Sales Development Training Programme from Sales Impact Group. This course re-enforced much of my existing knowledge of sales and added to and enhanced several areas that I was lacking in. Of my many gains, one was identifying the need for a Structured Process to manage and grow sales and also keep in touch with existing Customers and Contacts.

As subscribers to this newsletter you can see that the keeping in touch bit is working. The mechanism of how you get this may, however not be so obvious. For many years I have been using a system I developed in-house to track all activity with our Clients, potential Clients and contacts that provides reminders and historical information when required. Having completed the training, I have reviewed the processes and substantially refined and enhanced this system.

It seems the best way to get new sales is by referrals –specifically, asking close associates for these. To enable this, we have added tracking of “Suspects” –businesses that may possibly become customers. Additionally, we now have the ability to flag existing contacts as a “Centre of Influence” or COI. This allows the new system to target these contacts and send automated Referral Requests – seeking introductions to a random selection of business Suspects.

Having recently shown some colleagues our system they were keen to use it too, so…


ProcessIT is proud to announce the availability of LEADS – the Contact Relationship Manager and Sales Prospecting Application.

LEADS Contact Relationship Manager and Sales Prospecting

Contact Relationship Manager and Sales Prospecting

LEADS integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook to send custom personalised Newsletters to your Clients and Contacts (this newsletter is sent from LEADS). LEADS can record all interaction with your contacts; automatically noting a newsletter has been sent and allows for rare unsubscribe requests. Additionally and importantly it will help to grow your business by automating the sending of Suspect Referral Requests to your COIs.

You can read more about LEADS on our website at

LEADs is a free download and allows a free 10 day trial after which time the cost is $12.77 per user, per month.

Please Contact me as below for a free, no obligation, demonstration.


Tech Tip

The massively underutilised Mail Merge functionality of Word.Merge

Frequently I find people repetitively copying a letter or other document, then copying and pasting names and addresses from a database or list into the letter and repeating this routine over and over taking ages!

The Solution is Mail Merge! Mail Merge has been around since the early 1980’s! it is now a very simple function that imports values from a file, database or Outlook into a Form Letter, Envelope or other document. The result is many individualised documents saved or Printed each with the original content but with the addition of key fields for name, address company or any other information from the data source.

A full description on setting up mail merge is beyond the scope of this newsletter but suffice to say it is very quick and quite straight forward. For instructions see: Use mail merge…

Wishing you good sales and great growth as the summer approaches.

Brian Henderson