Is Custom Software for You?

Most businesses use software regularly and with a seemingly endless list of titles available for download many think that they can find anything they need. The fact is that almost all off the shelf software is a compromise between meeting the needs of various customers from many industries. If you are lucky you may get as high as an 80% fit to your needs resulting in having to enter key information in “Comments” or “Notes” fields instead of indexed fields that are optimised for searching and apply Business Logic as needed.

Developer Support

So you need additional features! –You locate the developers web site and eventually locate a support page, then enter a “Feature Request” and sit back and wait, and wait and wait… The chances are extremely slight that the developer will ever add your “Feature” nor even contact you about your request unless your request is one of thousands of similar requests they receive. It’s a numbers game to meet the needs of the many and ignore the needs of the few.

What’s the Solution?

My New Business Database Application

My New Business Database Application

Custom Software built for you, to work as you specify with the features you need and supported locally by a developer that you can talk to!

It’s really quite obvious when you think about it – your own processes and data requirements captured in a bespoke system that works how you want it to.

This is what we do at ProcessIT – build Software just for you. You can call us any time and discuss your ideas and options on how to implement these. If you change your Business Process or have new requirements there is no need to dump everything and start again! Instead just call us and we will update the software for you.

But isn’t it expensive?

Custom Software does cost more than most off-the-shelf apps as the development cost of these are shared among many thousands of users, while the full cost for Custom Solutions are born by just one. On the positive side the competitive gain to your business with an optimised system will likely offset the cost of development quickly and lead to successive and ongoing savings! Additionally time savings will also be apparent, allowing your key staff to be more productive rather than “fighting the system.”

OK What should I do?

Contact ProcessIT now! We will come to you and seek to understand the Processes you use and the Business Logic you apply plus the depth and breadth of your information needs, both now and looking forward.

Contact ProcessIT now and arrange for your Free Initial Consultation…

Tech Tip:

Windows 10 is released and rolling out rapidly with many users reporting noticeable speed improvements on older hardware. To assist your efficiency here are some tips to speed up you work.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts:

The Windows Key

The Windows Key

  • Use “Snap” to resize application Windows to fit your screen. “Windows Key” + Left / Right / Up or Down Arrows to “Snap” or dock to the matching edge of the screen or Combine these keys to dock in a Corner!
  • Use Virtual Desktops to Group your Apps. “Windows Key” + Ctrl + D to create a new virtual desktop and switch to it. Or Windows
    + Ctrl + F4 – Close the current virtual desktop. Also Windows Key + Ctrl + Left / Right – Switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right. Use the Windows Key + TAB to see all your Desktops
  • Other new Features: Windows Key + “+” or ““ (Plus or Minus signs) to use the Magnifier to Zoom in or out then Windows Key + Esc to close it. Windows Key + A to open the new “Action Centre” to see notification or change common settings.
  • The Old Favourites still work!
    • Alt + Tab to see Toggle between all Open windows.
    • Windows Key + T – cycle through each item on the taskbar (then Enter to open)
    • Windows + D –Show Desktop
    • Windows Key + P – switch between display modes
    • Windows Key + E – Open File Explorer
    • Windows Key + Shift + Left / Right Arrow – Move Current window to monitor on Left/Right.
    • Windows Key + Home = Minimise all other Windows, Repeat to restore.

Wishing you an enjoyable experience with your New Windows…

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