What is “Custom Software”?

I often get asked this very question when I announce that I am a Custom Software Developer! So I thought I would try to explain the term a little. Trying to keep it simple, ProcessIT builds Databases. These store information and usually use indexes to allow rapid location and retrieval of information. Databases can be small and simple or complex and highly technical. Design decisions can optimise the Storage efficiency and fast retrieval of the information stored within. But it’s not just about the actual data…

User Interface

Key to making a database usable is building the User interface application. –What you ask? Well the U

ser Interface (UI) is what you actually see on screen. The Buttons, Captions, Links, Images, Data and Colours all have to be created and placed on screen. This can be an art form in itself, as simply using the wrong colours can result in illegibility or even significant eye strain to you, the user. Good layout can both speed user acceptance of new systems as well as simplify and speed everyday tasks like data entry.

An Example; Microsoft Office.

Office 2016 coming soon...

Office 2016 coming soon…

With the release of Office 2007, Microsoft released a radical (at the time) redesign of Office, Word and Excel primary user interface -The Ribbon or “The Fluent UI”! The outcry was HUGE and global. Some scrambled to download updates that would restore their safe and familiar “Toolbars”. Those that followed the new release, like me, quickly found that with just a little practise the ribbon is a time saver and provides the same functions but with less clicks to locate and use. The ribbon is now widely accepted and utilised and improved with each release -watch for the 2016 release late this year…

(I’d love to see your own examples and hear your comments on both awesome UI and horrible ones. Just reply or post a comment on the ProcessIT Blog)

Your Business Process

Identifying and understanding the actual processes you use within your business is the key part to make a “Custom Solution” work. The Business Owner, Executives and Managers provide detailed input of the steps and information to capture, plus prerequisites that must be met. This can (and often does) include detailed reporting and analysis requirements such as KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

Building the Application:

Once we have all the necessary details we go to work identifying how best to optimise the database design to store and track this as efficiently as possible. Then it is all brought together via a unique UI designed to provide easy to navigate and fast access to the information that you may need at any given time.

But Why Customise?

You get YOUR unique processes and information optimised to your specific requirements, frequently adding steps or details unavailable via off the shelf software. This can add huge value or saving massive amount of time/money on manual analysis etc. When you need to adjust or fine tune your process we can modify your application to do this often very easily.

And the Price?

Yes, as you may suspect Custom Solutions cost more than off the shelf systems. Why? Because development costs of off the shelf systems are shared among thousands or millions of users. But what price are you paying in missing out on that competitive edge??? Contact me now to resolve this with your free initial consultation…


Back Issues

With the Christmas rush you may have missed the last tip on Backups! If so you can find it and other back issues on the ProcessIT Blog at http://www.processit.co.nz/blog


Tech Tip

Do you or a family member of friend have an Android phone in the bottom drawer that’s old, slow scratched has a broken screen or just plain un-cool? Are you interested in increased security for your home, garage, workshop or office or just need to keep an eye on the door? If you can answer yes to these then there is a great new app ideal for you!

“IP Webcam turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options. View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. Stream video inside Wi-Fi network without internet access” – this from the web page. Just install the software on your old phone connect it to your network via Wi-Fi and you have an instant security camera! What a great use for an old phone that saves the expense of a dedicated and expensive camera. Check it out on Google Play

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