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When I talk to office administrators I am constantly amazed at the amount of time they spend on highly repetitive tasks. These tasks are often repeated many times a day, with others done weekly and then there is the regular routine we all know as “End of Month” or end of quarter.

Often these routines call for financial or processes analysis to enable managers to see how the business is doing- a very important part of running your business. These typically involve collecting or exporting data from a financial system. Then the repetition starts:

Clock1/.    Export the data, save it somewhere.

2/.    Open Excel and import the data (-Can’t find it! Where did I save it to?)

3/.    Export the data again noting where I saved it!

4/.    Open excel and import the data. (Yay, I found it this time)

5/.    Check the data – (Oops! I only exported the revenue and forgot the expenses!)

6/.    Delete the Spreadsheet and re-export the Correct Data. (grrrr…)

7/.    Open Excel and import the data. (Phew got it that time!)

8/.    …

Then the actual analysis starts. This frequently involves many steps with sorting, deleting, cutting, pasting, etc. Each of these must be done correctly and in the right order for an accurate result. –Inevitably the phone will ring with an urgent matter about half way through, so the call is dealt with…

…and back to the analysis… Was I up to step 12 or step 15? Bother!Delete it all and start over!!!

This and similar unintentional time wasting occurs regularly in many businesses. Is yours one? Help is at hand –ProcessIT can automate most of your process. We will work with you to understand the requirements and steps that need to be followed then write a program to perform most of these steps for you, repeatably and accurately every time, plus because the computer is doing the hard work it’s much faster too.

Isn’t Programming EXPENSIVE?

While the cost of the development will seem more than what you pay your administrator it will easily pay for itself in the time savings over several uses. And the added benefit is the improved accuracy and speed of completion. Now your administrator will be smiling at their computer screen instead of cursing it! – won’t that make the office a nicer place to be too?

Contact ProcessIT now to start saving time and arrange for your Free Initial Consultation.

Tech Tip:Lens

Google has recently purchased another software development company –Quest Visual, makers of Word Lens, an augmented reality translation application. Whoa don’t panic, it isn’t scary! In fact it’s very, very clever. Download the app and point your devices camera at a sign and it will translate the words to your chosen language, live on the screen – Ideal for travelers. You can download it FREE for Android or Apple device from Google play or Apple App Store


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