Welcome to the first ProcessIT Newsletter for 2018. We trust you had some time for rest and recovery from a busy 2017 and are geared up for another great year ahead.


With more and more government regulations requiring proof of origin, quality, ingredient suppliers or sources it seems timely to discuss Traceability.

We have helped several of our Clients implement partial and full Traceability, sometimes coupled with existing or new Quality Management Systems.

What is Traceability?

The Oxford Dictionary has two definitions:

  • Able to be found or discovered, and
  • Able to be followed on its course or to its origin.

The second is the key to our discussion as many types of production now need to prove the origins of their products and even where they end up!

As we know business complexity is increasing and competition is everywhere. To stay ahead purchasers and regulators are demanding Proof of Origin. According to (the Global Standards Organisation) “…the ability to track and trace the source of raw materials to the final destination of the product becomes ever more important. Traceability enables products to be made visible across the supply chain, building the fundamental blocks within quality, risk management and other types of systems.” While NZ Standards for Food Traceability state: “Traceability is the ability to track any food through all stages of production, processing and distribution (including importation and at retail).”

Both Manufacturing and Food Production share similar requirements to record all sourced products and the final destinations of these completed product. Foods can also add the additional requirement of age tracking to ensure all products are sufficiently fresh.

How do we add Traceability?

ProcessIT can help you implement your traceability requirements. We start by discussing your needs and existing processes and regulations or targets. Next, we look to the best way to implement these in a cost-effective manner and discuss possible solutions. Once a path is chosen we provide a quote or estimate for the production of your new Traceability system.

Yes, but we already have a system!

Great! Is it sufficiently efficient to locate the information you need in a timely manner?

  • Do you have to search through folders and folders of Paper or open 20 different Spreadsheets?
  • Can you quickly identify all Products you have made should a Supplier notify you of a faulty batch or poor-quality production?
  • What if a Customer complains of a faulty product? -Can you identify when it was made who by and what parts were used from each of your suppliers?

Your System should be able to answer these questions easily and with minimal delay.

Need help with your Traceability System?

If so just reply to this newsletter or Contact ProcessIT via our website to arrange you own FREE Initial Consultation.



Tech Tip

Save Money and The Planet -By Changing Your Font!

Released late last year, a new font Ryman Eco is available for free download.



This new font features great readability along with claims to use an average of 33% less ink than “normal” fonts. This has even more economic benefits in that you will replace your toner or ink cartage 33% less often saving time and wages, plus there will be 33% less toner / ink car


tridges to be recycled or scrapped. The key to this font is that it has been designed with both s


tyle and readability in mind. Further it looks good small or as a large title. (I would have used it here, but as you likely don’t have it yet it would not display correctly).

You too can down-load Ryman Eco from  and help do your little bit for the environment…

Until next time

Brian & James